Уже убегаешь?

А ты решил свою проблему?

Нашёл что искал?

Это ведь машина, а не девушка

Всё можно решить

Тебе мог бы помочь


How to remove the micromotor drive the damper heater
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2110

How to remove the micromotor of the drive of the heater flap.

Do you know what is the micromotor of the heater flap drive? If so, then fine! Now imagine that he broke down, covered himself with a copper basin, and you do not know how to fix it. Sad news, right? Do not be scared, just read this instruction and do everything in steps.


How to check and adjust the mounting angles of the front wheels (front suspension)
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

Angles of installation of front wheels

Checking and adjusting the angles of the installation of the front wheels is carried out on special stands in accordance with the instructions on the stand.


How to independently disassemble and assemble a car generator
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

Instructions for self-disassembly and assembly of the generator for the car VAZ 2107

Well, friends, car owners. If I understand correctly, your generator has broken down. And you want to repair it yourself. Perhaps you have already removed it and a little disassembled, but still do not understand what's what. Then I propose to consider a step-by-step instruction on disassembly and assembly of the generator.


VAZ 2107 (Lada) - Russian Mercedes
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

The car VAZ 2107 - the same "Russian Mercedes" in the Soviet era. "Seven", the production of which began in 1982, was very interesting in appearance compared to its predecessor - VAZ 2105. The hood of the car was made in relief shape, and a high chrome grille grille harmoniously fit into the rectangular vyshtampovku. This at first glance gave the VAZ 2107 a special "elegance".


How to remove the radiator from the car and check it for leaks
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

Shooting radiator and check him on tightness.

If you do not know or forgot how to remove the radiator and check for leaks - then follow all the instructions described below and you will succeed. The main thing is not to miss anything. Read and study carefully.