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How to remove or replace the ignition switch on the car (switch) on VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112

Rubric: eng / Auto VAZ 2110
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Ignition switch type 2110-3704005 or KZ-881 with anti-theft locking device, blocking the reclosing of the starter without first turning the ignition off and backlighting the socket. If the key is removed from the lock (it must be removed only in the "0" position), the locking rod of the anti-theft device extends. If the key from the "0" position is turned to the "I" position (ignition), the locking rod is recessed and the ignition contacts "30" and "15" are closed.

At the same time, the circuits of the ignition system, excitation of the generator, headlights, turn signals, control devices, cleaners and washers of the wind and rear windows and headlights, the heater control system are under voltage. When the key is turned to the "II" position, the contacts "30" and "50" are additionally closed, and the voltage is applied to the starter relay.

How to remove (replace) the ignition switch

  • In order to remove or replace the ignition switch, disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
  • Remove the covers of the steering column
  • The bolts for securing the ignition switch are cut off. Therefore we turn them away with a chisel.

  • Loosened bolts can be turned with pliers.
  • From the steering column, remove the brace and the ignition switch.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector.
  • To replace the backlight lamp, disconnect the connector and remove the small cartridge with a lamp holder.
  • To replace the contact group, squeeze the latches and remove the contact group.
  • To replace the microswitch, use a Phillips screwdriver to turn off the three screws, remove the rod and, after removing the lock, remove the microswitch.

In order to assemble the switch of the ignition switch, we perform all listed operations in the reverse order.

Sincerely, from Ovaz.