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How to adjust the ignition timing on the car

Rubric: eng / Auto VAZ 2107
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  1. the body;
  2. octane-corrector;
  3. nut

When using the car, it sometimes becomes necessary to correct the ignition timing, depending on the quality of the fuel being refueled.The moment of ignition is corrected by the octane-corrector 2 of the distributor of ignition, allowing to reduce or increase a corner of an advancing of ignition.The signs "+" (lead) and "-" (lag), plotted on the octane-corrector scale, indicate the direction of its rotation.

How to adjust the angle

Correct the ignition timing ahead on the warmed-up engine. Before adjustment, note the position of the average risk of octane-corrector on the cylinder block. When driving on a flat road on a direct transmission at a speed of 50 km / h, sharply press the accelerator pedal. If this causes a slight and short-term detonation, the ignition timing is set correctly. With a strong detonation (early ignition), loosen the nut 3 and turn the body 1 by 0.5-1 clockwise ("-"). If there is no detonation (later ignition), turn the body 1 by 0.5-1 division counterclockwise (by "+").

After adjustment, tighten nut 3 and check again the correct timing of the ignition when driving.

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