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What to do if the brakes and the brake pads have failed and how to stop correctly

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The design of the brakes provides effective braking. Nevertheless, try to brake smoothly and moderately in all cases, avoiding sudden braking. Because of such actions, different situations can occur.

Do not turn off the ignition and do not put the key in the "Parking" position while driving. When the key is moved to the "Parking" position, the steering shaft may be blocked by the anti-theft device and the vehicle becomes uncontrolled.

What to do if the brakes failed

In the event of failure of one of the circuits of the brake system, the braking of the vehicle is ensured by a second circuit. In this case, the brake pedal stroke increases and the braking efficiency decreases, which at the first moment can be estimated by you as a complete brake failure.

In this case, do not release the pedal and do not make multiple pressures, which only increase the time and path of braking, and press the pedal until the maximum possible braking effect is obtained.

When stopping on a hill or on a descent, engage the parking brake and, accordingly, the first or the rear gear.

How to prevent freezing of brake pads (brakes)

To prevent the brake pads from freezing to drums after driving on wet roads during sudden temperature fluctuations, do not leave the vehicle in an open area with a tightened parking brake, without drying the brakes with smooth braking while driving to the parking lot.

Now you know what to do if you have somehow refused the brakes and freezed pads. The main thing in all this is not to panic, but to be collected and calculated.

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