Уже убегаешь?

А ты решил свою проблему?

Нашёл что искал?

Это ведь машина, а не девушка

Всё можно решить

Тебе мог бы помочь



VAZ 2107 (Lada) - Russian Mercedes

Rubric: eng / Auto VAZ 2107
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The car VAZ 2107 - the same "Russian Mercedes" in the Soviet era. "Seven", the production of which began in 1982, was very interesting in appearance compared to its predecessor - VAZ 2105. The hood of the car was made in relief shape, and a high chrome grille grille harmoniously fit into the rectangular vyshtampovku. This at first glance gave the VAZ 2107 a special "elegance".

"Seven" was comfortable, the interior trim fit into the concept of convenience and aesthetics of the early eighties. The VAZ 2107 instrument panel was made of matte, glare-free plastic, and the high anatomical seats of these "Zhiguli" added a special elegance to the VAZ 2107. But the front seats could not be placed in a bed. Also, the VAZ 2107 was equipped with improved safety frames that provided confidence on the road and a long life of the car body.

VAZ 2107 (Lada) - Russian Mercedes

At the present time, the VAZ 2107 is less morally outdated than other VAZ models, because the Seven was made, slightly ahead of its time (it can be said - the car of the future). In addition, thanks to the people's love for the car VAZ 2107, these "Lada" will continue to find their customers for many more years. After all, once the VAZ 2107 was considered a very prestigious car, not inferior in power and comfort to others, even foreign cars. That is why the G-7 is made for export - for the countries of Europe and for China.

The VAZ 2107 is well appreciated in the Arab countries for its inherent unpretentiousness, low maintenance and maintainability.

Sincerely, from Ovaz.