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How to remove the radiator from the car and check it for leaks

Rubric: eng / Auto VAZ 2107
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If you do not know or forgot how to remove the radiator and check for leaks - then follow all the instructions described below and you will succeed. The main thing is not to miss anything. Read and study carefully.

Remove the radiator from the car

Drain the fluid from the radiator and the cylinder block by removing the drain plugs in the lower radiator tank and the cylinder block; while opening the heater tap, and remove the radiator cap from the filler neck.


In order not to damage the radiator, by unscrewing the drain plug of the lower tank, hold the second plug with the plug of the plug, soldered into the radiator. Stop the cork with a face or spanner key, so as not to damage the edges of the cork.

Radiator, fan and electric drive in parsing:

  1. radiator;
  2. a stopper of a radiator;
  3. the fan;
  4. the electric motor of the fan;
  5. fan cowl;
  6. the sensor of the electric motor of the fan;
  7. radiator drain plug;
  8. the bottom support of a radiator

Disconnect from the engine hoses of a supply and a drain of a cooling liquid, and from electric motor 4 (drawing) of the fan and its gauge 6 disconnect wires.

Remove the radiator mounting bolts to the body and remove it from the engine compartment together with the thermostat, hoses and electric fan.

Remove the hoses and fan cowl with the electric motor from the radiator.

How to check the tightness of the radiator (integrity)

The tightness of the radiator is checked in a bath of water.

Having muffled the radiator pipes, bring to it air at a pressure of 0.1 MPa (1 kgf / cm2) and lower in a bath with water not less than on 30 sec. There should be no etching of air. To check aluminum radiators, the pressure should be 0.2 MPa (2 kgf / cm2).

Minor damage to the brass radiator is soldered with soft solder, and with significant replace the radiator with a new one.

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