Уже убегаешь?

А ты решил свою проблему?

Нашёл что искал?

Это ведь машина, а не девушка

Всё можно решить

Тебе мог бы помочь


ВАЗ 2107 (Жигули) - Русский мерседес
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Автомобиль ВАЗ 2107 - это же "русский мерседес" в советское время. "Семерка", производство которой началось в 1982 году, отличалась очень интересной внешностью по сравнению со своим предшественником - ВАЗ 2105. Капот автомобиля был сделан рельефной формы, и в прямоугольную выштамповку гармонично вписывалась высокая хромированная решетка радиатора. Это с первого...


How to remove the radiator from the car and check it for leaks
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

Shooting radiator and check him on tightness.

If you do not know or forgot how to remove the radiator and check for leaks - then follow all the instructions described below and you will succeed. The main thing is not to miss anything. Read and study carefully.


Fuse block and correct replacement of its elements

The circuits of the vehicle's on-board network (except for the starter power circuit) are protected by fuses, which are installed in the main and auxiliary units. They are located under the instrument panel on the driver's side.


What to do if the brakes and the brake pads have failed and how to stop correctly
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

How to brake properly so as not to break. Prevent freezing of brake pads.

The design of the brakes provides effective braking. Nevertheless, try to brake smoothly and moderately in all cases, avoiding sudden braking. Because of such actions, different situations can occur.


How to replace the fuse in the unit and the electrical diagram of the car
Категория: eng / Auto VAZ 2107

The electrical equipment of the car is made by a single-wire scheme - negative conclusions of sources and consumers of electricity are connected to the mass that performs the function of the second wire. The diagram of the electrical equipment of the car is shown in the figure.